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Youth Related Transportation Payment Form

  1. Please complete the following form to secure a seat for transportation with Alamo Regional Transit (ART). The payment options are by month, semester, or the full school year. Please fill out the following form and select a payment option in order to secure your child's seat on the ART bus.

  2. Please upload the school contract sent to you via e-mail or click the link above to download the SY 2016-2017 School Contract. For assistance, please call Gloria Chacon at 210-362-5299.

  3. Full Year (9 Months): 10% savings = 1 FREE MONTH **** Fall Semester (4 Months): 5% savings = 1 FREE WEEK. Please remember that payments are due prior to the first ride. If using the monthly option, payments are due prior to the next month or rides will cease at the end of the paid month of service.

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  5. A $2.00 processing fee will be added to process credit card payments.

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