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AACOG Criminal Justice Resource Directory Submission Form

  1. AACOG Criminal Justice Resource Directory
    Please provide the following information to submit your organization or agency's resources. All information provided will be reviewed, edited, and compiled by AACOG. The final directory will be shared virtually on the AACOG website, promoted during e-Blasts and CJ events, and print copies will be given out to the community. Note: Only one submission per agency/ organization. If multiple submissions are made, only the first submission will be used for the directory.
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  6. Please spell out the full name of the agency/ organization
  7. Please include the department/ branch name if necessary
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    Please select the appropriate discipline(s) for your agency/ organization
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    I confirm that all of the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to have the information provided on this form shared with the public.
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