Annual Report: Criminal Justice Planning

Academy received funding from TXDOT to offer specialized 16-hour training, "Effective Investigation of Impaired Driving Cases", free of charge, to law enforcement, prosecution and area judges. Criminal Justice Planning assists regional law enforcement departments with submitting reports to the Governor's Office and provides technical assistance with revising each county’s Community Plan.

In addition, the department holds grant workshops, provides information about funding opportunities, and offers technical assistance in the grant process, including performing technical reviews. Criminal Justice Planning successfully completed 1,500 hours of technical assistance and provided grant management assistance to more than 40 funded projects.

The Regional Youth Criminal Justice Education Program is offered in 13 high schools in the Alamo Region with funding from the Governor's Office. In order to provide more training and supplies to the participating schools and to save money on administration costs, the Criminal Justice Planning Program and the Regional Youth Criminal Justice Education Program consolidated personnel.