Annual Report: Air Quality/Natural Resources

Air Quality/Natural Resources

AACOG's Natural Resources program provides technical analysis, public education, and outreach programs required to support local elected officials working on the Air Improvement Resources (AIR) Committee to meet the air quality needs of the Alamo Region for ozone planning.
Technical analysis includes the development of emission inventories and photochemical modeling which allow an assessment of possible strategies which could be implemented locally to reduce ground-level ozone.

Since pollution levels exceeding the 2008 federal 8-hour average ozone standard are being recorded in the Alamo region, the AIR Committee is working to develop a process to return the region to compliance with ozone requirements and, thanks to funding provided by the state legislature, AACOG staff works with local stakeholders to provide important technical and educational support required for success. AACOG staff will continue to develop future photochemical modeling scenarios and control strategies to meet air quality standards.

Expansion/Growth in 2013

The Natural Resources Department has development an emission inventory of the Eagle Ford oil and gas exploration and production emissions. The emission inventory covers a 25-county region.
The department has also continued to expand emission inventory and photochemical modeling abilities including contracts with CAPCOG for Quarry and Mining equipment emission inventory and 2012 and 2018 photochemical modeling projection scenarios.

The Air Improvement Resources Committee approved support of a new partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to enter into the Ozone Advance program for voluntary, proactive action to reduce ground-level ozone.

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