Alamo Caregiver Empowerment

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Are You A Caregiver?

Does someone rely on you for care?
Then you are a family caregiver.

What does it mean to be a family caregiver?

Caregiving means helping a person who can't take care of himself/herself because of illness of disability.

Okay, so I am a family caregiver. Now what?

Caregiving is a big job, and it can disrupt your life. Recognizing yourself as a caregiver is the first step in taking care of yourself and taking care of yourself is essential if you’re going to survive the strain and responsibility.

What should I do next?

Use the following tips to help ease the pressure of caregiving:
  • Ask for help! You can’t do everything yourself.
  • Prioritize. Do only what is most important.
  • Communicate with friends and relatives. Don’t isolate yourself. You can’t do everything yourself.
  • Seek resources. When seeking help from agencies and organizations, write everything down: your questions, the date of contact, with whom you spoke, what was said. Keep your notes.
  • Recognize what you do is important. Remind yourself daily of the value of what you’re doing.
  • Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat right and take a respite break.
For information on respite and other resources available to caregivers, contact the Alamo Service Connection at (210) 477-3275 or visit