South Central Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium

About the South Central Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium

Welcome to the South Central Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium (SCTNGVC). What began as an idea among local natural gas advocates in South Central Texas has quickly become the area's leading group on promoting this abundant resource as a viable fuel source for the region. Please take a few moments to read the general overview of the SCTNGVC. We hope you will join us for our next planning meeting and look forward to your contributions in making this group a success.
Get Involved: Organizations interested in natural gas or being involved in the Consortium may fill out the South Central Texas NGV Consortium listserv registration.

Overview of Consortium


The purpose of the South Central Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium (SCTNGVC) is to focus on expanding natural gas transportation markets and refueling infrastructure in the Central and South Texas regions (Corpus Christi, Laredo, San Antonio, and surrounding counties).

This Consortium will utilize industry initiatives, government programs, energy education and community relations with the goal of highlighting domestic and abundant natural gas as a transportation fuel and reducing vehicle operational costs for fleets and individual consumers alike while improving the region's air quality. It will:
  • Bring together local and national fleets, industry and government partners, vehicle and fueling infrastructure providers, interested consumers and natural gas experts in order to expand natural gas as a transportation fuel
  • Provide resources and support for fleets interested in converting CNG/LNG and assisting fleets who have already converted
  • Begin collecting fleet data immediately for CNG fueling infrastructure development
  • Work with Consortium partners in developing future natural gas fueling infrastructure

Structure: The structure of the Consortium is currently under development.

Founding Members

  • Alamo Area Council of Governments Clean Cities Coalition
  • Alamo Area Development Corporation
  • CenterPoint Energy
  • City of Corpus Christi
  • City of Laredo
  • CPS Energy