i-INFO from Apex Innovations, Inc., provides patented tools for online, real time information access, information management, communication and collaboration within and between organizations, to assist member agencies for daily functions, as well as emergency capabilities. The system is designed to automate processes for collaborative use and to selectively and securely share information between organizations. Go to i_INFO to learn more.

Mass Emergency Notifications

Authorized users can notify their residents and people who have registered to receive notifications in their jurisdiction of an emergency situation. They can select a specific area from a map for one-time use or save for the future. The mass emergency notifications and any after-action communications can be linked to an incident for after-action reporting.


The AACOG region has 13 member counties and numerous municipalities in each county. The Regional Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (REPAC) has assigned funding to STRAC to provide WebEOC training, configuration and incident support for a 12 month services agreement to join participating jurisdictions to the existing San Antonio/STRAC WebEOC server. REPAC wants to ensure there is consistency throughout the region with respect to how agencies interact with each other using WebEOC. Standardized user names, access to boards and administrative privileges are but a few of the issues that need to be resolved and configured. The STRAC WebEOC team will provide services to ensure these goals are achieved. View the 2010-2011 end of the year report.