Air Advisory Committee Members

Chair: Dean Word Word Construction Co.
Vice Chair: Kim Stoker OR Angela Rodriguez CPS Energy
Alternate Vice Chair: Kimberly B. Bradley OR Lee Cover CEMEX
Christopher Ashcraft STEER
Kathi Harris HoltCAT Company
Vince Nathan OR Kyle Cunningham San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
Dan Titerle San Antonio Water System
Mark Langford Mark Langford Photography
Michael Lewis Southwest Research Institute
Forrest Mims Guadalupe County
Mark D. Arvidson JBSA Lackland
Andy Quittner City of Seguin
Paul Detterline OR Kristen Bettis Capitol Cement
William Bushman JBSA Lackland - U.S. Air Force NEPA Center
Peter Bella Imagine SA
Rey chavez OR Tom Kane San Antonio Manufacturers Association
Russell Seal Sierra Club
Colin Leyden OR Mario Bravo Environmental Defense Fund
Richard Perez OR Stephanie Reyes San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Jesse Balleza VIA Metropolitan Transit
Ana Sandoval Air and Health Collaborative of San Antonio
 Maricela Diaz-Wells AACOG