Sentinel Landscape Initiative

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Sentinel Landscapes are working or natural lands important to the Nation’s defense mission - places where preserving the working and rural character of key landscapes strengthens the economies of farms, ranches, and forests; conserves habitat and natural resources; and protects vital test and training missions conducted on those military installations that anchor such landscapes. A Sentinel Landscape program weaves together funding from USDA, US Department of Defense, and US Department of the Interior.

The AACOG Sentinel Landscape initiative seeks to:

  1. Achieve Sentinel Landscape designation at Federal and State levels to protect Camp Bullis
  2. Organize conservation stakeholders to collaborate on preservation & conservation of natural or working lands around Camp Bullis to sustain its military training mission
  3. Collaborate on funding and strategy necessary to maximize conservation effects within a designated landscape
  4. Organize for, and submit REPI Challenge application in 2021

More information about the Sentinel Landscape program can be found here:

SENTINEL LANDSCAPES | Documentary Short | US Dept. of Defense + US Dept. of Agriculture + US Dept. of the Interior from Grizzly Creek Films on Vimeo.