Regional Transportation Coordination

Engaging Regional Stakeholders in Public Transportation


The Alamo Area Council of Governments, Planning Region 18, is the lead agency for regional transportation coordination activities and efforts in the Alamo Region. Regional transportation coordination plans and activities for the Alamo Region responds to Texas legislation that requires transit planning focused on filling service gaps, eliminating overlaps in transportation services, and pursuing opportunities among public transportation providers to share resources.

Transportation Goals for the Alamo Region

In the summer 2010, AACOG established the Alamo Regional Transportation Steering Committee to respond to the needs of transit planning in the region. The Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan for the Alamo Region encompasses the following four goals:
  • Goal 1:

    Enhance the quality of the customer's travel experience
  • Goal 2: 

    Expand the availability of services to those who are un-served
  • Goal 3: 

    Increase the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery
  • Goal 4:

    and sustain communication among stakeholders in the region's transportation plan

Alamo Regional Transportation Steering Committee & Subcommittees

The Alamo Regional Transportation Steering Committee or ARTSC is comprised of various direct and indirect stakeholders within the field of transportation in the Alamo Region. Moreover, the ARTSC serves as the policy board for regional transportation coordination and as a focal point for leadership on transportation issues in the Alamo Region. The ARTSC is chaired by Mary Keeler, American Medical Response.