Opportunities to Volunteer in AACOG’s Air Quality Programs

If you would like to help the Alamo Area Council of Governments keep our air clean and healthful, here are some ways you can be a big help:

Introduce us to school or school district administrators and/or PTA leaders

With your assistance in connecting us with the "right" people, we can promote and help your school develop these air quality programs:

  • Walk and Roll Challenge - participate in a friendly competition that promotes healthy lifestyles for students, faculty, and administration
  • SchoolPool (Carpooling) - start a carpool network among faculty, staff, parents, and/or students
  • Green Patrol - get students involved in asking their parents to shut off their vehicle's engines while waiting to pick them up from school
  • Walking School Bus - organize groups of students walking to/from school together with a parent chaperone
  • Bike Buddies - organize groups of students biking to/from school together with a parent chaperone
  • Ozone Action Day Outdoor Policy - North East ISD, Northside ISD, and Lackland ISD have all developed policies regarding outdoors activities when there’s an Ozone Action Day. What about your district?
  • Ozone Action Day Banner - when an Ozone Action Day Banner is hung outside your school it notifies parents, students, school personnel, and others in the neighborhood that the air may be unhealthy for sensitive groups that day

Introduce us to leaders at your place of employment

With your assistance in connecting us with the "right" people, we can promote and help your employer develop these air quality strategies to benefit your company and its employees:
  • Establish flexible work schedules so that employees may avoid rush hour congestion, which slows traffic and increases pollution
  • Join the Walk and Roll Challenge to promote healthy lifestyles for employees and gain positive employer recognition
  • Sign up as an employer supporting NuRide, a free online rideshare matching service at www.nuride.com, that provides rewards for cleaner commutes and other trips
  • If your company has a vehicle fleet, AACOG can help cut costs associated with new or retrofit electric and natural gas vehicles
  • Serve as a member organization of AACOG's Air Improvement Resources Public Education Committee and help get the word out about our region’s clean air initiatives
  • When air quality becomes unhealthy for sensitive groups, your company may be part of the public notification system. Hang an Ozone Action Day Banner outside your business!

YOU can be part of the change! Would you like to help us at special Clean Air Events?

Every year, AACOG participates in numerous clean air events, such as San Antonio Fiesta Earth Day and our own Fresh Air Friday event. You can assist by:
  • Attending a half-day training session in which we’ll teach you how to help educate the public about improving air quality, then volunteering to help staff our outreach booth
  • Helping us to conduct surveys during these events, so we can gauge the effectiveness of our clean air educational work; or
  • Lending a hand in physically set up and tear down our booths during these same events

There are always opportunities coming up for you to help us!

If you are interested in finding out more or volunteering in any of the ways mentioned above, please email and provide your contact information and we'll follow up! Thank you!