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  • For Organizations interested in becoming a stakeholder, visit this site.
  • For Individuals interested in becoming a stakeholder, visit this site.

  • The Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition (AACCC) is open to all interested parties who wish to join this effort to expand the use of alternative fuels. To date, Coalition members include utilities, fuel providers, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, environmental groups, local, state and federal government representatives, private businesses, local clubs, and individual citizens.

    Benefits of Coalition Membership

    AACC stakeholders can partake in a multitude of activities that promote Clean Cities initiatives. Some commitments that stakeholders can make include:

    Alternative Fuel Use

    • Purchase alternative fuel vehicles for use within their fleets
      • Biodiesel
      • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
      • Electricity
      • Ethanol
      • Hydrogen
      • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
      • Propane (LPG)
    • Commit to establishing alternative fuel infrastructure for fueling alternative fuel vehicles
      • Private infrastructure primarily for organization use
      • Public infrastructure to meet local demand
      • Public / private infrastructure at organization locations

    Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (PHEV), or Electric Vehicles (EV)

    • Purchase and utilize hybrid vehicles within fleets
    • Educate the general public or patrons on hybrid vehicle technologies and the associated benefits

    Idle Reduction

    • Implement and promote idle reduction practices within organization fleet
    • Commit to purchasing idle reduction technologies, such as alternative power sources (APUs), and use technologies within fleet
    • Educate the general public and patrons on benefits of idle reduction strategies

    Fuel Economy

    • Adopt fuel economy measures with organization fleet
      • Reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
      • Driver education and training
      • Organization ridesharing programs
      • Identify and retire inefficient vehicles
    • Educate the general public and patrons on benefits of fuel economy strategies

    Assist in Clean Cities Activities

    • Participate in Clean Cities events, workshops, and outreach
    • Be a member of one of the alternative fuel workgroups to promote that fuel in the region
    • Provide information on Clean Cities in your organization
    • Share your alternative fuel success stories with Clean Cities