Alamo Area Clean Cities Partnerships

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Since the inception of the Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition (AACCC), the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park has been a fundamental stakeholder to the Coalition. In 2012, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park was awarded a grant under the Clean Cities National Parks Initiative (CCNPI), an initiative to support transportation projects that educate park visitors on the benefits of reducing petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions. The Park installed a public electric vehicle charging station and is in the process of purchasing two alternative fuel vehicles.

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park has a varied alternative fuel fleet that includes propane trucks and mowers, all-electric vehicles, and hybrids. To learn more about the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park’s fleet, visit this site.

For more information on the CCNPI, visit this site.

VIA Metropolitan Transit

On December 17, VIA launched their new Primo buses, which are powered by CNG.

VIA Primo is part of VIA's new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, which is scheduled to run along Fredericksburg Road traveling from the University of Texas at San Antonio 1604 campus to the Medical Center Transit Center and on to downtown San Antonio. The Primo buses will run solely on CNG. According to the VIA Primo website, running on CNG "will save on fuel costs and contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing emissions." For more information on VIA Primo, watch the video.

To learn more about VIA, visit their website.

Texas River Cities Plug-in Electric Vehicle Initiative

The Texas River Cities (TRC) Plug-in Electric Vehicle Initiative promotes clean and efficient electric drive cars for Central Texas.

To support this mission, TRC developed an infrastructure readiness plan; providing a series of templates and tools that can be incorporated by any region in the country to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in their community.

Visit the Texas River Cities webpage today!

Texas Public Radio

Texas Public Radio (TPR) operates three non-commercial radio stations. KPAC 88.3 FM and KSTX 89.1 FM broadcast to San Antonio and South Central Texas and KTXI 90.1 FM broadcasts to the West Central Hill Country.

Texas Public Radio was organized in 1988 and formally incorporated the following year. It grew out of a merger of two separate organizations, the Classical Broadcasting Society of San Antonio and San Antonio Community Radio. Its name was chosen anticipating eventual expansion of service to listeners throughout the state. It is an independent, non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors composed of residents from the service area.

On March 27, 2012, TPR hosted a free screening of "Revenge of the Electric Car," director Chris Paine's follow-up to his 2006 documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?". To learn more about the event or hear live conversation from the panel after the screening, visit this site.

To learn more about Texas Public Radio visit their webpage today!


MadSCI is a team of students based out of James Madison High School who are designing and building a solar vehicle as entry into the 2012 Winston Solar Car Challenge in Dallas, Texas. With the help of faculty and outside advisors, the MadSCI team built their first solar car, Solar Ray I, in 2011. While Solar Ray I wasn’t entered into the 2011 Winston Solar Car Challenge, it helped launched the team’s second solar car concept design, the Solar Ray II. The new car MadSCI is building will be a more efficient, faster, and lighter solar powered vehicle. This time the team plans on racing Solar Ray II in the 2012 Winston Solar Car Challenge.

The MadSCI team has made great strides in moving forward with Solar Ray II; however, there is still much work that needs to be done to finish the project. One large obstacle the team is currently facing is lack of funding for material necessary to power the vehicle.

To learn more about MadSCI or find out how you can help sponsor their project, visit the MadSCI website.
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