Commute Solutions

Commute Solutions is a program administrated by AACOG's Natural Reources Department.  It began over a decade ago to educate people about the connection between air quality and transportation, to inform them of what they could do differently to use less gas, and to offer them viable alternatives to driving as a single occupant in a vehicle.
Those who commute to work or school may help reduce traffic and save fuel costs through our rideshare program. For short commutes, we encourage folks in the Alamo Region to burn calories rather than gasoline by walking or biking instead of driving. Commuters may also consider participating in an alternative work schedule. Employers can help make their workplace commuter-friendly by considering our employer options.  Schools can help reduce traffic congestion and harmful pollution around their campuses by adopting one or more of our school programs.

The Commute Solutions Program is a Surface Transportation Metropolitan Mobility project sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation through the San Antonio-Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization.